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Hedgehog Blog 4#

Some eager mathematicians in Year 6 spent some time this week drawing line graphs to show Pippin's weight gain over the last 5 weeks.

Hedgehog Blog #3       3.11.17 

Pippin had a very busy half term holiday. She initially moved to Miss Lindop’s sister’s but managed to get herself stuck inside a sofa bed (oh dear!) so was then looked after by the lovely nurses at the vets. It was much better for her there as she had more space to roam about and mealworms in abundance! She now weighs 475g! 

Some clever mathematicians in Year 6 are going to spend some time graphing her weight gain next week. Hopefully she will be on target to reach 600g before early December!

 Hedgehog Blog #2      20.10.17

Hedgehogs should weigh around 600g by early December in order to have enough body fat to survive hibernation.

Since Pippin was taken to the vets on Friday 29th September 2017, she has gained 238g. She now weighs 383g. Who’s ready for some maths?

How much did she weigh when she was taken to the vets?

  • What is her average daily weight gain?
  • Using your average, can you calculate how many days it will take her to reach 600g?
  • What date would that be?
  • Will she have reached 600g before early December?

You may also be wondering who will look after Pippin during half term. Well… she’s going on holiday! She’s going to stay at Miss Lindop’s sister’s! Hopefully after the holiday we can share some photos of her trip!

Hedgehog Blog #1 

Thanks to Emma, Miss Lindop’s sister who is a vet at Donaldson’s, South Crosland Junior School now has a resident hedgehog! Pippin (or Hedgie as Mrs Booth likes to call her) was taken into the vets as a tiny orphan which means she has no parents to look after her. If she was left in the wild, she wouldn’t survive hibernation this year so we are helping to look after her over winter so that (hopefully) she can be released into our school garden in spring. 

Year 3 will be able to tell you all about hedgehogs and how to look after them because we have been researching them to write a non-chronological report. Here are a few photographs of Pippin’s first visit to the classroom!