South Crosland C. of E. (A) Junior School

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Online Safety

11.04.19 - School has become aware of children using Tik Tok inappropriately.  Please see the information below about Tik Tok.

27.02.19 - We are aware of concerns about an internet phenomenon known as the 'Momo Challenge'. This phenomenon is linked to users being asked to add a number on 'Whatsapp', which then sets a series of worrying challenges. The 'Momo Challenge' has been around on the internet since July 2018 and many of the associated WhatsApp accounts have been disabled by September. (You will be aware that the age limit for WhatsApp is 16; most other social media sites are 13).

We would appreciate your support in reducing the anxiety children are facing because of this and reassuring them about this incident. This is a good time to have conversations with your child to ensure that you are aware of how they use the internet and they are aware of what they should do if they see anything that worries them. 

The phenomenon is one of a series from the last few years and will not be the last. It is therefore vital we equip our children with the tools to access the internet safely and to understand the steps they should take to remain safe.

26.02.19 - Following a report from Kirklees Safeguarding Board, an Online Safety issue has been brought to our attention.  Please click on the link below to view the report.

Please click here to view online safety issue