South Crosland C. of E. (A) Junior School

Friendship, Forgiveness, Honesty and Respect


Together, as one, we support each other to flourish and succeed


Together, at South Crosland C. E (A) Junior School, our Art Curriculum is designed to enable every child to flourish, through developing their creativity and curiosity.  Children are exposed to a wide variety of art by a range of artists from all over the world, in order to inspire, engage and challenge them.  They are encouraged to think critically and respond to various works of art, enabling them to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures and continents.  Pupils explore a range of media in each topic, ensuring the continual development of knowledge and skills as they progress through school.  Through exploration of a variety of techniques, self-expression is encouraged, resulting in enhanced self-esteem as children feel and are successful.  Children will leave Key Stage 2 with a solid understanding that Art offers opportunities for everyone to flourish and succeed in a variety of ways.



At South Crosland C.E. (A) Junior School, Art is taught as a discrete subject as part of our afternoon timetable, using a blocked curriculum approach.  Lessons are taught as part of a two-year cycle as upper and lower Key Stage 2 groups.  This approach provides opportunities for plentiful peer support during lessons, particularly with practical tasks.  Our Curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of our children and expose them to a wide variety of high-quality artists from around the world.  We ensure that children are equipped with the knowledge and skills that they need, to develop a sense of curiosity and creativity.  Our school is fully equipped with a wide range of resources to enable children to experiment with a variety of different media, including a kiln for clay sculpture work and centralised equipment for staff to access.



We aim for our fun, challenging and skills-based Art Curriculum to engage and inspire our children to develop their creativity.  By exposing them to a wide variety of high-quality art work from a range of artists, we endeavour to ignite a love and appreciation of art in the world around them.  Children will leave Key Stage 2 with a variety of creative skills enabling self-expression and an understanding that Art offers opportunities for everyone.


Assessment and Reporting

Formative assessment in Art is ongoing and takes many forms throughout each lesson.  Children are regularly encouraged to give feedback and constructive advice to their peers.  Skills are formatively assessed by teachers in order to provide support and further guidance to pupils, where necessary.  Summative assessment takes place at the end of each topic and achievement and attitude to learning are reported to parents and carers three times each year. 

Assessment information is kept by the Art Subject Leader and shared with senior leaders.